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Nick Knight: Paint Explosions, Purple on Blue, Autumn/ Winter 2005

Nick Knight's Explosions photo series

Colorful Paint Explosions Frozen in Time :: Eruptions of color burst towards the viewer in these vibrant photographs, entitled Explosions, by Nick Knight.

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High speed photographs of exploding flowers dipped in liquid nitrogen by Martin Klimas.   See many more at the link:  http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2013/09/high-speed-flower-explosions-by-martin-klimas/

Chaotic Beauty of Flower Explosions by Martin Klimas

Martin Kimas soaked flowers in liquid nitrogen, then shot them from behind with air gun, and took the photo. via Ed Jonghigh speed flowers

In his photo series "Rapid Bloom," Photographer Martin Klimas captures high speed flower explosions.

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