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Pratiksha Chauhan
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Peru | Local Children In Traditional Clothing (Quechua). Cuzco | © Wolfgang Kaehler

This is a picture of children in Peru. They are wearing traditional Peruvian clothes. These embroidered uniforms are popular in Peru.

Brazilian Carnival Costumes For Kids For more information on

Brazil display - Backing of feathers and masks, then display kids own masks and some of their work on carnivals - shape poetry, or exciting adjectives.

Familia boliviana

Tags: Copyright Notes: Four Andean mountain children dress in traditional red ponchos in the Cordillera Urubamba, Andes highlands, Peru, South America.

The Incas (peoples of the sun) where an ancient people and they lived in a…

Closeup, Andean flute player near the Inca ruins of Pisac, Peru image 2 (male capricorn)

pink " polleras"...Cuzco Days parade, Peru

Volunteer Abroad Peru Cusco 1 up to 12 weeks social programs year round Abroaderview