Open + garden + concrete

hat’s not to love about panorama windows? These floor-to-ceiling glass beauties can be such an enrichment to a space, connecting interior with exterior. Provided of course, that the view the good enough. In a city, this can be challenging.

glass house

Jodlowa House / PCKO - sun room dining room with chandalier and natural light

Beautiful combination!!

Chelsea Townhouse by Archi-Tectonics. outdoor patio area with stairs- wood and metal with large window wall- fab!

Old and new coming together in Sienna, Italy.

Old and new coming together in Sienna, Italy. Old brick structure. New beautifully detailed glass and steel infill.


This open plan kitchen design is both modern and in keeping with the original style of it's host property. Folding sliding doors allow both wings to be opened onto the garden entirely whilst filling the rooms with light. The large skylight situated within