Did you guys know I've a fat little pot-bellied stove in the Cabin? Probably not because I Never Show Him! Our bonus room is 500 sq ft with 2 exterior doors, 3 windows, 1 cased opening, and one stone walled pot belly buddy. We've had the hardest time finding a flow that makes good sense in this space. Yesterday, I was resting my Gimpy Leg, and wracking my brain, and researching, and look what Google showed me (from a company called Stovax!) We could build a big box wall round it, faux…

The largest stove in the Stovax Brunel range, the has an extensive window through which you can take pleasure from the swirling flames of the Stovax Cl

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At Home With Kelly Moore Clark via A Beautiful Mess. Grey and moss green tufted armchair. Black wood-stove in the fire place. Chalkboard States map, metallic stool as side-table.

Cool Backyard Deck Design Idea 45

4 Tips To Start Building a Backyard Deck

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Beam adds rustic touch, but no exposed brick work or hearth makes it cleaner looking.