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This is a collection of the gems I've come across on the internet, or that I've been given as a gift or that I've just stumbled across and feel the need to share. Maybe you'l find a diamond in the rough here too!
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Christmas ● DIY ● Tutorial ● Fancy Chocolate Bowl | pinned by Western Sage and KB Honey (aka Kidd Bros)

Christmas ● DIY ● Tutorial ● Fancy Chocolate Bowl - can be very small for a dessert or pudding garnish, or large to serve fruit, etc. Festive and yummy!

'The warm limestone of the old buildings is set off by painted wooden gallariji (closed balconies) that overhang the narrow streets. Much of Valletta is pedestrianised and even some of the shabbier streets towards the edge of town have real charm.' Matle: the Bradt Guide

Windows of Valletta - the balconies of Republic Street, Valletta, Malta. Hence, the term, Malta windows for these square bayed windows.

Two anonymous students sneak into a classroom...

'The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life - Jessica Hische' chalk lettering by DangerDust

Try a silver glitter tablecloth for your reception tables |

Glittery and Sparkly Wedding Details and Decorations

14 Fabulous Female Pin-up Artists

14 Female Pin-up Artists You Should Know — But Probably Don’t [NSFW]

A staple of New York’s thriving burlesque community, Parisian artist Luma Rouge is often spotted sitting among a curious audience, furiously sketching one the city’s many stripteasers.

North Avenue Beach on Lake Michigan is encased in ice as temperatures hit a record low of -16 degrees fahrenheit.

US polar vortex: the best pictures

Ice builds up along Lake Michigan at North Avenue Beach as temperatures dipped well below zero on January 2014 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Deserted Places Blog

102 year old floating forest in Sydney, Australia (This is the hull of teh SS Ayrfield, a large steam ship condemned to dismantling in Homebush Bay, Australia after WWII).

netloid unbelievable hyper realistic pastel drawings on boards of wood by ivan hoo Unbelievable Hyper Realistic Pastel Drawings On Boa.

VINTAGE POSTCARD from 1950s in Atlantic City.  Sun Roof the coldest winter months at 'THE SENATOR HOTEL'

It’s snowing outside and the boardwalk is an icy accident waiting to happen, yet inside the Sun and Star rooftop café in Atlantic City, temperatures appear to be a little unseasonal for this time of year…

1940s Instructional Film on Dating Etiquette

How to date... 1940s-style: Quaint film offers etiquette tips

Brilliant! Scrabble carpet

Rachel Miller on

Brilliant! Scrabble carpet

Santa is coming to....

Santa is coming to....