Trace hands, cut out & glue down, except for the fingers. Make sums to 10 & record underneath.

Number Sense Craftivity

Number Sense Craftivity - Students trace their hands, cut out & glue down onto paper, except for the fingers! Kids will love this because they will be using their paper fingers to count.

Race to Fill the Cup!  Counting Game for Preschoolers

Race to Fill the Cup! Counting Game for Preschoolers

Race to Fill the Cup! Preschoolers roll a dice and count the number of objects to fill the cup. The first to fill the cup wins!

Math Work Station  (Adding numbers) LOVE this!!!

Math Work Station (Adding numbers) Note: great for hands-on learning, visual learning, and getting up and moving!

Fun Bottle Top Addition Game - number recognition & an introduction to some simple addition (",)

Fun Bottle Top Addition Game. Playful Maths

Learn with Play at Home: Fun Bottle Top Addition Game. (or number recognition) Playful Maths

Write numbers 1-10 on a beach ball. Make sure to repeat so kids can practice multiplying like numbers. When your child catches the ball, they multiply together the two numbers their hands land on before throwing it to the next person.

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas: Add It Up! A Gross Motor Addition Game Label beach ball, throw and catch adding 2 numbers under their hands.

Learning numbers and order

Use this with larger numbers for older kids, and numbers that are not consecutive. play dough and craft stick number line; mix up the sticks and have child put them in order, stuck into the play dough

Exploring doubles- they've loved this today :)

Exploring doubles- Australian Curriculum - Year 2 - - Solve simple addition & subtraction problems using a range of efficient mental & written strategies Commutative Property, Building to Doubles, Tens facts, Adding 10

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