Tate Modern, London

The Tate Modern on the Southbank is a free art gallery with lots to see. You can even visit the top floor for a free viewing point over the river Thames and the rest of London.

OXO Tower, London

OXO tower - first form of advertising in London.

The Wapping Project, London

The Wapping Project Wapping Hydraulic Power Station, Wapping Wall, London

Temple Works, Leeds

Celebration of Egyptian architecture in Britain 90 years on from discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb

Temple Works is a former flax mill in Holbeck, Leeds, and was based on the Temple of Horus at Edfu in Egypt with a chimney designed in the style of an obelisk

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The Wapping project London

The Wapping project London, my spot for Sunday mornings

Berslem factory where beryl ware was made

Naomi Gallimore (PRT's Middleport intern) writes about ten interesting facts she has discovered about the Victorian pottery.

Tyneside Cinema.  Great independent cinema.  Many a date night here.

Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne

Eat at the Wapping Project

Your author doesn't eat out that much, but occasionally a more successful friend persuades him out, and such were the circumstances he found.

Corporate Identity des Restaurants Niche in St. Louis - Design by Atomicdust

Atomicdust bringt alles ins Lot

Niche / Branding / logo / identity / restaurant / design / layout / menu / by Atomic Dust

Follow these simple steps from Food Network to grinding and toasting spices and herbs, then watch the how-to video.

How to Grind and Toast Spices and Herbs: A Step-by-Step Guide : Recipes and Cooking

How-To: Grind and Toast Spices and Herbs : Toasting spices brings out the essential oils and deeper flavors. Grinding herbs is a common way to use them in recipes.