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All You need is love and donuts sweet for a wedding donut bar Rustic Daisy Designs

All You need is love and donuts - Sign for Donut Bar at Wedding - Donut Bridal Shower - Sweets Table

What a wonderful idea to re-purpose one or two of your favorite old tea cups and saucers!  Even a neat idea for a party favor...

Simply GLUE the cup to the saucer for a nice Candle Holder. A GREAT way to use Old or Chipped China. haven't any ? The THRIFT STORES are full of them. I love how the cup handle automatically becomes a handle for the carrying of a candle too.

Peaches And Cream Wedding Flowers At Grafton Manor

Peaches and cream wedding flowers in vintage tea cups and candelabra. Marquee wedding flowers at Grafton Manor. Peach roses and hydrangeas

How to Make Teacup Candles  (She bought a kit on Amazon and a teacup at an antique store for this. The wax is soy so once the candle is gone, the cup can be reused for tea after washing with a degreaser dishwashing liquid-probably the trusty blue Dawn.. Love this for some certain loved ones!)

I have tons of teacups I couldn't sell at the last yard sale I could do this for. How to Make Teacup Candles - Perfect for Mother's Day - so simple and easy to make - TONS of Pictures and How To Do Video in Post