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Here's my BiOrbAir terrarium after the re-arrange, as pictured on the 14th January 2016. Prior to this photograph being taken, I took out all of the plants and compost, then added brand-new coir compost, that I purchased from Reef One, and new moss. I re-planted some of my old ferns and added some new miniature orchids.

Three of my slug and snail deterrents provided a secure plant protection, with not one plant grown within their barrier receiving as much as a nibble

Access Garden Products Classic Growhouses - Pumpkin Beth

Blooms from December to March every year, its sweetly scented, highly fragrant flowers.

Here's my Earthbox as pictured on the 21st February 2016. As you can see the vegetables have been growing well. I haven't had to water this container since I set it up, I haven't carried out any maintenance of any kind, I just left the vegetables to grow. I have harvested some of the stems and leaves from the chard, but other than that, the vegetables have been left to grow.

Suttons Seeds Bodacious Sweet Corn Shoots just after harvesting on December

Suttons Seeds Bodacious Sweet Corn Shoots just before harvesting on December

Here's my Trialled and Tested full list of recommended Christmas Gifts for Gardeners 2017 - Pumpkin Beth

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Rainbow Chard and Savoy Cabbages growing in an EarthBox. The EarthBox is a specialised container gardening system, it is easily moveable being on wheels and is self watering.

Tracy Foster in the garden she designed for the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show Garden, 'A Garden for every Retiree'. The garden was sponsored by Just Retirement Ltd.

Green & Blue Bee Bricks and Bee Blocks - Pumpkin Beth