By Erin Waite
An Easter Maggie for Phoebe Claire Maeve by Carrie Matson
By bienfaitpourtoi
By Erin Waite
Miss Maggie made from Alicia of "Posies Gets Cosy" pattern..bloomers made out of a glove and ends crocheted!
By Elaine Lee
Like the little quilts.
By Arianne, of
Miss Maggie Rabbits - Cream, sweet.
Fred and Cissy: Introducing Beth Bunny    Gah! This is adorable!

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By Arianne, of
'Oh you do look a picture, Rosie - love that hat. Would you like one too?'
Bunny doll for Easter--pattern from Alicia Paulson at the blog Posie Gets Cozy
Squiggling About
Christine Chitnis: Miss Maggie
Ravelry: woolymountain's Miss Maggie Rabbit
Maggie Rabbit by trinasdoings, via Flickr
A Cold Day Outfit Pattern $6. (Had to get it. And the deer. Too cute.)
Kandipandi's Pad - Bloomers, cotton and knit dress made for miss maggie by Kandipandi
Maggie Bunny. by Inderific, via Flickr