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Comments: While practicing disarming spells, Mr. Potter screamed “This is MAHOGANY!” at Mr. Black while clutching his wand after it flew into the wall of the classroom.Mr. Black will be receiving detention as well for being unable to compose himself after Mr. Potter’s joke.Minerva McGonagall

The Marauders - Comments: When I told Mr. Potter that his dog eating his homework was becoming a serious problem, he started laughing so hard I had to ask him to leave the classroom because he was disrupting others. Filius Flitwick>>>> very punny 😂😂

Potter and Nimbus Brooms

“Potter and Nimbus Brooms” by Steve Thomas. This Harry Potter shirt was inspired by the super fast brooms those crazy Quidditch players fly on. Feel like you are sponsored by the best racing broom company on the planet by sporting this tshirt.

Hermione Granger and The Tale of the Three Brother by on @DeviantArt

"The Tale of the Three Brother" “There were once three brothers who were traveling along a lonely, winding road at twilight. In time, the brothers. Hermione Granger and The Tale of the Three Brother