Nina Abdel Malak

Nina abdel malak is a 22 year old multi -talented lebanese star. she was a candidate in star academy 8. Her goal is to bring the real art to the industry again by a new kind of music and unique lyrics, She released her first three singles ''Bayni W Baynak'' & "Mish Bi Shuli" & "Am Dawer Aahali" and the best is yet to come.
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Pastel Hair, Naked

Music Composition By : Ayman Kumayha & Tamam Saeed Lyrics By : Ayman Kumayha Music Arrangement By: George Jresh Recorded, Mixed And Mastered At Anwar Mikawy'.

Selfie, Selfies

Pastel Hair

Pastel Hair

Lyrics, Music : Mahdi Ezzeddine Arrangement : Anas Kareem Mix & Mastering: Moayad Al Atrash The Song Produced by : Publitools The Clip Produced by : Yasour D.

Nina Abdel Malak - Bayni w Baynak Official Music Video

Amazing Hair

Crutch, Crutches