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Kitsune (fox) Yokai are Japanese creatures from Japanese folklore and ghost stories. To be "cursed by a fox" is a euphemism for mental illness.

*** Teegan - fox mask Kitsune I just looooove this whole Kitsune Japanese festival and tattoo history thing, especially for you guys, but it's a different aesthetic.

Wow, fairy tale altered art book

"The Land of Fairy tales is altered book constructed from a book dated 1923 called Fairy Land. It is beautifully carved to tell the story in sculpture form." By Raidersofthelostart, via Etsy.Inspiration only

merchant of marvels: travelogue

An AMAZING paper craft project - One of the coolest mini albums I have ever seen . she is seriously talented.

Go Make Something » Preparing A Book To Be Altered--how to and how NOT to do it

broken spine book Go Make Something. Great site for altered book tutorials, tips and journal starts. newsletter from tentwostudios