Port magazine / Illustratinon : Nigel Peake

Our latest pick of new publications include a new magazine devoted to booze, the latest zine from illustrator Nigel Peake, plus the new Food Issue of PORT magazine.

Nigel Peake

These intricate "map" drawings are by British architect/ cartographer/ illustrator Nigel Peake .

Patchwork Horse silk scarf - 140x140. La Maison des Carrés, the new address for #HermesSilk #lamaisondescarres #hermesLMDC #hermes

Patchwork Horse silk scarf - La Maison des Carrés, the new address for…

nigel peake

Im working on a project in the style of Nigel Peake. Ive been drawing origami animals, that i will incorporate into a book shortly.