35 Beautiful Inspirational Quotes

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Very true! When u r in your comfort zone, your life remains the same. But when your dreams materialised, u r always moving forward! Your life changes. U become committed ♡

Uplifting quotes to make your bad day so much better: perspective in five minutes

10 Uplifting Quotes to Read The Next Time You’re Having a Bad Day

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10 Truths You Need to Know for Inner Peace and Happiness

10 Truths You Need to Know for Peace and Happiness

the top 5 ted talks that will change your life

The top 5 ted talks for when you're ready to change your life and get a head start on becoming your best self. We can all use some motivation to get through this week

Valentine's Day Breakfast! Such an easy way to surprise your family or hubby. More ideas on Dagmar's Home,

10 Easy Valentine's Day DIY Decorating, Food, and Gift Ideas

Cute & Easy Valentines Day Breakfast Egg Toast Sandwich Cut Out recipe. Show that special someone you care this Valentines Day. Show your love with this cute idea.

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When you own a creative business, it can sometimes be difficult to stay creative - here's a few ways we can boost creativity levels

35 Great Inspirational Quotes

35 Great Inspirational Quotes

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47 of the Best Inspirational Quotes | @Lifeofyrdesign

One of the best pieces of advice that actually works as a key to success in life and in business has to be having the right mindset, do you agree? No matter what is happening for you today, I hope these quotes bring you a little joy.

The 100 greatest novels of all time: The list  To Kill a Mockingbird would be interesting to pair with All American Boys.

The 100 greatest novels of all time: The list

To Kill A Mockingbird, This is a study guide for To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. During the first half of To Kill A Mockingbird Harper Lee constructs a sweet and affectionate portrait of growing up in the vanished world of small town Alabama.