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I'm not crying you're crying

Hagrid was more of a father figure for Harry than anyone else in this series. I love Hagrid

How to make your own wands... super fun idea for a Harry Potter themed anything (birthday party, day, unit at school, etc.)

Greatist DIY in the world (slight Hyperbole) Micah C Micah Do: Another Harry Potter Wand Tutorial

"A kitten provides a child with a sleepover friend every night." --Jo Kittinger

I have a fixed male blue point Siamese and I'm trying my best to get another female kitten--- seal point or chocolate point. I love these babies! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

This kitty is ADORIBLE! I think the cutest part is the cute blue eyes! Tell me below what you think is the most cutest thing about this kitty!

17 Very Very Tiny Kittens

"I'm the tiniest girl in the room but I have the biggest personality so WATCH OUT.

Lace Crop Top, Jeans Shorts

Lace Crop Top, Jeans Shorts and Cardigan, the last-minute layer that totally makes the outfit. It would be super cute with jeans too, for the colder weather!