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Design is everything. But few get it right. This is my take on what is good.
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two figurines are sitting on a bench with the words science of copywriters just a couple of swells
Stunning Design Work Created on Fotor Online Photo Editor –by Quentin Pain on 2019-02-11 22:50:24.0;
FREE Copywriting Group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/scienceofcopywriting/
a man walking past a poster on the side of a building that reads become number 1 in your market
International Copywriters Association (ICA) – The Professional Association for Copywriters Worldwide
How To Become NUMBER ONE In Your MARKET (6 months of private confidential coaching) Being Number 1 is the only way to guarantee success in business. When you’re number 2 or worse everything gets progressively harder. When you’re No 1 sales flow seamlessly and you are free to grow your business any way you want. Work …
three small green plants sprouting from the ground
Real Prosperity, Inc.
"The 3 Phases of Growing Your E-mail List" Click here to read the full article.
a quote that says pinterest is great for getting interested people to your website
Website Traffic Basics, Part 2
This post is the second in a series on website traffic basics. If you want to read part 1, click here. In the first post, I explained the concept of generating traffic to a website. Many new website owners assume that if they create a website that people will visit that site automatically and that's…
a smiling woman sitting in front of a computer monitor
Real Prosperity, Inc.
"Is E-mail Marketing Dead?" Click here to read the full article.
a black and white cat sitting on top of a couch next to stacks of money
Learn How To Use Dopamine In The Brain To Make People Buy Things
I just love this meme!
the facebook page has two different posts on it
Quentin Pain | SEO | Copywriting – How to dominate your industry
Facebook Advertising Case Study #2
an iphone is shown in this advertisement for the company's new phone, which has been
Five beginners tip in Farming Simulator 19 that will give you the upper hand - yourgadgetguide.net - The Future of Memory
The simplest ideas work the best.
two screenshots showing different views of people on the same page, and one with an image of a bridge in the background
Neil Patel's Digital Marketing Blog
LinkedIn's new look home page. Much smarter.
a red camera sitting on top of a wooden table
20+ Beautiful Camera-Themed iPhone Cases
OK I get it, I can take a photo, but how do I take a call?
an old style airplane flying in the sky
Love Spitfires
an image of a web page with many different things on it
What About Me? - Intel's Infographic Generator — Cool Infographics
Fancy creating your own infographic? Do it for free with Intel - but ONLY if it's about you :)
the words are you human? in red on a white background
Why is Google asking for a captcha? – Quentin Pain | SEO | Copywriting
Well, are you human?
a large cow statue sitting on top of a tree next to a tall building in the background
The State of Advertising 2012 – Quentin Pain | SEO | Copywriting
Once upon a time a purple cow worked well. Now not even a papier-mache upside down cow in a tree works!
a black and white logo with the number eight
Another Fibonacci design. There are so many variations of this in design work.