Kathleen Shuster

Kathleen Shuster

Social Media Manager for www.educationquizzes.com promoting this website which has thousands of quizzes to help children with their school subjects.
Kathleen Shuster
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(Orpheus – in ancient Greece considered to be the greatest of all musicians and poets, who could ‘charm the birds, fish and wild beasts, coax the trees and rocks into dance and divert the course of rivers’ when he sang … Continue reading →

All stories start from an idea. But you can build from an idea by asking questions. Your idea could be a snatch of conversation, a theme, an image, a person.

Frank Sinatra with the Tommy Dorsey Band at the Dunes Hotel & Casino of July - Vegas in July is for masochists, but if I could see The Chairman of the Board for under 5 bucks it might be worth it.

Whenever I was a child, I read a book called Matilda by Roald Dahl. It chronicles the educational (and telekinetic, but that's a whole .

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