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Gorgeous reminder of our wonderful dogs that have been in our lives and our journeys, they will always be remembered. http:/

You have left my life, but you will NEVER leave my heart - RIP my dear dog, Teddy - went off to Rainbow Bridge around the fall of 2010

5 of the top family dog breeds

The bernese would be number one top dog breeds 😢 miss my puppy. Love all Dog Breeds: 5 of the top family dog breeds

black cat

How are they the most common pets in rescue centres? Black kitties ♥ Look at those adorable extra toes

Ahhh Kitty ❤

I love cats of all types. pure white cats are hard to find My sister had one once she named her Heaven. I had a black one named in Midnight.

Huge cats! 40 pics of oversized kitties! -

Shared by singzjazz. Biggest damn housecat you've ever seen. Tried to include the banana peel, but he ate it.

Santa Sleighs

Santa's Sleigh ~ stack of miniature sweets atop candy cane runners with foil-wrapped chocolate Santa at front of the sled ~ cute party favor for Christmas, or add name tags to mark place settings at a holiday table