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nashscribblings: “ undr: “ Arthur Pollock A helicopter delivered a model dinosaur to the city’s Museum of Science (Boston). 1984 ” The year every dog in Boston lost their shit.

Red Arrows. An unusual and privileged view of the Eagle formation, as seen from above, during practice over Akrotiri, Cyprus, on 14 April 2011. The image was taken by Sqn Ldr Graeme Bagnall

Red Arrows snapped in Eagle formation over Akrotiri, Cyprus - I remember free flying displays for a month every year when I lived there in the :)

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LUFFY RED TIGER LOTUS BULB: Grow an auburn beauty in your aquarium landscape. In a landscape of green, the Red Tiger Lotus stands out.

Scuba Diving Top 100: Best Diving in USA & North America | Scuba Diving

From California's kelp forests and the walls of the Northwest to Florida's clear springs, the Midwest's shipwreck graveyards and Texas' Flower Gardens, here are the best of our home region.

Fragments of a Hologram Dystopia

I have to admit that I'd really like to live in a zi'kôràzian appartment, most likely in High Quarter. :D May be expensive but it's worth it.

Jonas De Ro..... looks like inception

Today we have some incredible background art by Jonas De Ro, a Belgian/Portuguese concept artist based in Berlin. Whether he’s painting interiors, forests, local scenes or cityscapes, Jonas seems t…