Hammering station for a construction party..Or just because I think Mase would think it's fun.

Developing motor skills in toddlers --- Let them "build" with toy hammers, golf tees, and foam blocks. Check out Good Night, Good Night Construction Site (j E RINKER) or Alphabet Under Construction (j E FLEMING) for a fun tie-in!

Superhero Party...you could make a bigger city scene with boxes for a photo booth

Superhero Party

Superhero buildings as decor - TML this would be SUPER neat and cute and easy - get various sizes of boxes and wrap with wrapping paper - add action figures and then she can have

Laser beam superhero challenge. Can you go under and over the laser beams and save the teddy from the baddies?

Part of the ideal outdoor classroom.spatial skills, personal negotiations, physical control, hand eye coordination, understanding of connections for the string.so many possibilities!

Water pistols to shoot words they can read. Use recorder buttons to remind the children of the activity.

Outdoor learning - nerf guns to shoot tricky words etc.

Maybe a boys writing club is what you need to encourage and support boys to…

Maybe a boys writing club is what you need to encourage and support boys to write? And yes, we did then have to create a girls' writing club!

Learning Sounds (can be used for ANYTHING)-ENGAGE BOYS!

Target practice for letter recognition. A fun way to get children to learn and recognize the letters of the alphabet by shooting them.