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Sleep Through the Night

The 4 month sleep regression marks a permanent change in a 4 month old baby's sleeping patterns. We offer 4 month sleep regression signs and tips, and 4 month

Hand-Printed Ornaments - something fun to do on Christmas Eve while the entire family is all together.

Hand-Printed Ornaments - Skylar's first baby-sitter made these with the kids every year and gave them to us as a gift. It is one of my favorite ornaments. For little kid hands, you just need to use a small ornament instead of the big ones pictured.

1st & 2nd day: naked, timer for short intervals, reward every time they sit. 3rd day: naked in morning, undies in afternoon, timer set for 1 hour, reward when they go.

This is how we potty trained in 3 days with Potty Train in a weekend. You can potty train in three days really easily with these tips. 3 day potty training and even potty training a toddler are all do-able!

The best tips for potty training before you even start ~ gotta pin this for when we're ready!

Tips for potty training before you even start. really helps even the youngest kids learn an important skill for going potty on their own ~ MUST pin this for when we're ready!


Bebe Bottle sling that hangs from the baby's car seat! It is a must have items for mumz who are busy with household tasks! This Bebe Bottle sling frees up at least one hand!


Cheerio necklace - takes 5 minutes to make and keeps your baby entertained while you do grocery shopping and run errands. Ha, only Vivienne is over plain cheerios.

Happy Birthday SLS Creative! - Free Paper Cut Template

I can& believe it& been an ENTIRE year since I set up SLS Creative and I have to say it& been the best thing I& ever done :) Thanks to you lovely lot, I can honestly say I ge.