Signs, signs

In MY home, We give second chances We say, "Thank you." We are real We say, "I'm sorry." We love We laugh We make mistakes We show respect We are happy We dream We have faith We are family. We use proper grammar, specific verbs and punctuation.

DIY Idea | A Well-Planned Closet Office - An awesome example of an office in the closet. Definitely one to bookmark.

Not that I have an empty closet, but i do like this."Closet Office" - Turn your un-used closet/reading nook into an office space. Maximize the little space with lots of shelving and storage *LIKE CORNER DESK/nook & shelving for office corner

Pet Pantry, for those w/ pets

DIY Storage for Every Room

Is this awesome. A dog closet or pet pantry for all my pet stuff! (Plus a place for a bath.) I love this DIY idea to get all the dog stuff in 1 place.

Can Pink be Elegant ? Yes, if you go for Pink and Copper with a hint of grey.. !

Grey living with a hint pink and copper. Inspo for kmart copper tea lights.

Shabby chic Colors

Shabby Chic decor is not just light colors. Layering of colors helps to create depth and fullness to any room

There is always a part of me that seeks shabby chic. Even if I love chic french White elegance interior.

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