Still Life with Tulips- Samuel Peploe. This painting consists of tulips, a table and a vase. There are dark colours used and this creates a dark atmosphere. The tulips are scattered on the table which makes them look like they are uncared for, also creating a dark atmosphere. Peploe has used a variety of tones and colours-some dark and some light. The contrast between the yellow tulips and the brown table shows that the tulips are alive and this gives the painting a slightly happy mood.

Still Life with Tulips Samuel John Peploe prints by this artist

George Leslie Hunter-Still Life with Purple Flowers and Apples. This painting is of a vase of flowers with two apples beside it. The colours of the backdrop and the table are dark so this gives the painting a dull atmosphere. The flowers look like they are drooping so this also gives the painting a dull atmosphere. The paint is applied very thickly and roughy, giving the painting an overall rough look. The shadows under the apples and the vase are painted on blotchy so this makes these…

stilllifequickheart: George Leslie Hunter Still Life with Purple Flowers and Apples Early century

Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell-Man with Orange. This painting is of a man holding an orange. Bright and bold colours are used and this makes the painting very eye-catching. The lines used are very simple, such as the straight lines in the wall behind the man, but they are also very eye-catching because they are also bold, like the colours used. A variety of tones have been used to make the objects look real, such as the plant. The paint has been applied smoothly but the shadows and tones…

“Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell (Scottish, Man with Orange, 1920 ”

Stocks in a White Vase-George Leslie Hunter. This painting is very brightly coloured which creates a cheerful atmosphere. Bright colours are used for the flowers and this contrasts well with the curtain in the background. Tones are used to make the objects look realistic. Shadows are used well for the fruit to make them look realistic. The darkness of the table contrasts with the brightly coloured fruit and flowers.

Stocks in a White Vase Artwork by George Leslie Hunter Hand-painted and Art Prints on canvas for sale,you can custom the size and frame

georges braque oil pastel - George's Braque has used the oil pastels very brightly and thickly in this composition to make the objects stand out. I similarly I have done this in my mixed media composition to make it very bright and eye catching.

Georges Braque was born on 13 May 1882 in Argenteuil , Val-d'Oise .