Prototype invention form for an exciting new candy, from the LitWits experience of CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY by Roald Dahl. LitWits is all about sensory, hands-on experiences in literature! Get free teaching ideas and our downloadable LitWits Kits for great books - full of prop suggestions, project and activity ideas, templates, printables and keys, takeaway topics, and more!

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Great way to display good food choices and bad food choices.

Teaching Cafeteria Expectations - I like the little lunchbox. Our PBS Committee developed cafeteria expectations that would look great in that lunchbox.

5 Ways to Hack the Rice Krispie Treat (No Baking Required)

5 Ways to Hack the Rice Krispie Treat (No Baking Required)

Rice Krispie Treat Hacks (I liked the Coco Puff). My personal preference is to use Cheerios or Fruity Cheerios. These are not already sweetened so you are not overpowered with sugar.

Cadbury's story of the history of chocolate

Find all you need to know about Cadbury chocolate. From the history of Cadbury & Chocolate, our products, Chocolate Recipes and much more.