Metallics By Velvet Eccentric

Metallics, Velvet Eccentric-style. Gold, silver, bronze, copper, platinum, aluminium, tin, brass and pewter and all their tones in between – from rich pale…
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two silver chairs sitting next to each other on top of a gravel covered ground with trees in the background
Latest re-upholstery from Velvet Eccentric Interiors in the finest Italian, silver leather.
a living room filled with lots of furniture and pillows on top of it's shelves
The newly revamped Velvet Eccentric Showroom in Oxfordshire.
three gold colored metal panels in a room
Classic gold leaf screen, gilded by Velvet Eccentric Interiors
Latest metallic leaf samples and coloured glazes designed by Velvet Eccentric Interiors. Metallic, Pale Gold, Bronze, Color, Fabrics, Velvet, Fabric
Latest metallic leaf samples and coloured glazes designed by Velvet Eccentric Interiors.
an easel with a painting on top of it
Decorative artwork detailed with metallic metal leaf designed by Velvet Eccentric Interiors.
an upholstered chair and footstool in front of a green wall with gold leaves on it
Stunning Decorative screen finished with metal leaf stencilling by Velvet Eccentric Interiors
a living room with a couch and large mirror
Bespoke gilded mirror and gold leather ottoman designed by Velvet Eccentric Interiors.
a large metal piece sitting on top of a floor next to a pile of papers
Decorative screen created from plaster relief and bronze metal leaf by Velvet Eccentric Interiors
an artisticly painted green cabinet with gold leaf designs on the front and side panels
Exquisite decorative screen using variegated metal leaf - designed by Velvet Eccentric Interiors.
two large metal tubs sitting on wooden pallets
silver leaf and pewter glazed bath by Velvet Eccentric Interiors.
a room divider made out of green and blue paint on the floor in front of a mirror
Velvet Eccentric-designed three-panel screen, hand-finished in the latest variegated metal leaf in our studio
an upholstered leather couch with buttons on it's arm and backrest
Italian white-gold leather chesterfield from Velvet Eccentric
a gold leather couch with black pillows in a living room
Italian gold leather sofa designed by Velvet Eccentric with black velvet cushion
a decorative pillow is sitting on a black couch with a gold and silver throw pillow
Use metallics cleverly to bounce warm, diffused light that washes and grazes walls, ceilings and floors. In so doing, tiny pools of light reveal highlights, lowlights and shadow-play
two decorative pillows sitting on top of a brown couch next to a wall and lamp
Stunning Velvet Eccentric-designed cushions in the finest contemporary metallic fabrics, reflecting against the matt velvet chaise