Icelandic Sheepskin Rug

Icelandic Sheepskin Rug Assorted Colours

biscuit cushion by lisa angel homeware and gifts |

A party ring cushion set would be the perfect gift for my boyfriend! Biscuit Shaped Cushions: available in jammy dodger, pink party ring and custard cream designs.

matilda chesterfield sofa bed by love your home for less | <3

I've just found Matilda Chesterfield Sofa Bed. Classic style with a modern edge - we introduce the stylish Matilda Chesterfield Sofa Bed with Pull out Mechanism.

Handmade Vintage Map Lampshade - frequent traveller

DIY: Mod podge a map to a lampshade.I really like the many suggestions for recycling old maps and atlases. You could even concentrate your shade on specific locations that someone likes to personalize the shade for them.

fall season rug by the rugs warehouse | Wow! This is amazing!

Fall Season Rug

Are you interested in our brown rug? With our modern rug you need look no further.

Big Ben Wall Sticker Clock - children's room accessories

Big Ben wall clock sticker is a contemporary twist on the neo-gothic time keeping masterpiece. The Big Ben wall clock sticker is a single large wall sticker 2 metres tall, with all windows cut out to allow your wall colour to show through.

Retro Steamer Travel Trunk - father's day

I've just found Personalised Steamer Travel Chest Vintage Storage Trunk. A beautiful handmade storage box themed in the style of the vintage steamer travel trunks from days gone by, with vintage style luggage labels.

Camera Illustration Cushion

Are you interested in our holga camera illustration? With our camera print cushion you need look no further.

Giant Sized Canvas World Map - paintings & canvases This is awesome!

Are you interested in our Canvas World Map huge? With our giant map canvas you need look no further.

bespoke colour vintage typewriter by claire la secrétaire | This is gorgeous and I love it because it's pink and I love to write.

Vintage Reconditioned Typewriter

Vintage Pink Olivetti Typewriter by ClaireLaSecretaire on Etsy