Simple idea for 'moon rocks' - scrunched up tinfoil (",)

Foil wrapped chocolates or snacks become moon rocks. 20 ideas for a Fabulous Outer Space Party - Artsy Craftsy Mom

Invitation to play with wooden blocks and tin foil. Simple play idea for hours of fun.

Invitation to Play with Blocks

Wooden blocks and tin foil. I did this in my class today, and it was a hit! We used wooden tree branch segments, and the kids brought over colored tape and spent half an hour wrapping gifts for each other.

Galaxy play dough for a space theme

DIY galaxy play dough: 2 cups of plain flour 2 cups of water with black and blue food coloring 1 Tbsp. of cooking oil 1 Tbsp. cream of tartar 1 cup of salt glitter on the table

House of Baby Piranha: Name Rocket

Letter R Craft : NAME ROCKET You will need: Black or Dark Blue Paper Bright Coloured Paper including red Scissors Glue Marker Pen Salt or Glitter

Great resources for space activities :: space theme ::

Theme - Space ideas you can use to explore the idea of outer space, to introduce the planets, and enjoy some out-of-this-world sensory play.

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