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Chicken pittas

162 fat per portionWhat makes these chicken pittas so low in calories? Well, the low-fat natural yogurt, wholemeal pittas and skinless chicken should do the trick! With only 162 calories per serving, they're a perfect lunch-box filler and pa

Mediterranean vegetable chilli

This tasty vegetable chilli recipe is so easy to make and perfect served with rice, tortilla chips and guacamole. This chilli has a Mediteranean twist

Roasted ratatouille

Mediterranean vegetable chilli, Meals under 200 calories are perfect for calorie-controlled diets such as the diet, but these are delicious and quick to prepare too

Green miso noodle bowl

Green miso noodle bowl recipe is packed with nutrients but so low in calories at just 198 cals - plus, it's ready in just 20 mins!

Homemade spring vegetable soup

Spring veg soup Capture the freshness and flavour of spring seasonal veg in this delicious soup. Carrots, leeks, celery and new potatoes are just some of the nutritious ingredients in this low-fat dish

Lunch under 200 calories

Chicken miso soup - Lunch under 200 calories

Chicken miso soup is light and healthy, with all those fresh Japanese flavours from the shiitake mushrooms, soy sauce and miso paste. This chunky miso soup recipe is so simple and ready in just 25 mins.Get the recipe: Chicken miso soup

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