Make a wonderful book corner using story cut outs from Twinkl!

Stick man Gruffalo BFG Winnie the Pooh Alice in Wonderland Peter Pan Peter Rabbit Jemima Puddle-duck Cinderella Katie Morag Fantastic Mr.

Here’s an easy way for students to practice their spelling words. Have them draw a big scribble on their page – remind them to leave big spaces in their scribble! Using coloured pencils, they can then fill the spaces with their words.

Spelling Scribble: Have students draw a big scribble then use a colored pencil to practice writing each spelling word to fill the spaces inside the scribble.

Lego DUPLO number line for addition and subtraction. Simple hands on math

LEGO Duplo Number Line for Addition and Subtraction

Good to know -- using highlighted paper helps students with letter size differentiation

Tips from an OT- Guest Post

Using highlighted paper and other strategies for improving handwriting. Highlighted paper helps those students who struggle with size differentiation of letters.

Try this science experiment with children over the course of several days. Fill up 4 vases with different coloured water and put 1 white carnation in each one. Watch the flowers over the next four days change to the colour of the water.

Love this classic color changing flower experiment for kids! White carnations or daisies with food color. Water will soak up and color flowers. Learn how flowers "drink" water

A blog post walking through a teacher's introduction of division using candy and task cards.

Working with Division

This activity meets the NCTM standard on understanding situations that entail division, such as equal grouping. In this activity, student make equal groups of skittles out of a larger number. Since it uses candy, children will be rewarded for their work.

outdoors or indoors' investigation table with a leaf cover from IKEA

Set up a "Nature Table" to display all the treasures found on nature hikes. great for scientific observations. {The large leaf is from IKEA.} Smith nature walks might be great to fill up your science center

Classroom library area: these are for the students to be able to read with during read to someone. It goes with the book "Rocket Learns to Read".

Like the idea of tying a laminated label around a few soft toys saying 'Please read to me' or 'I like listening to stories'. The toys could be in a basket or sat on cushions in the book area.

Math Routine to begin class. Similar to what is in Teach Like Your Hair is On Fire.

Math Routine to begin class.have the math morning work group complete this (I like how its on the window.