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The Natural Momma in Me: Shape recognition tuff spot

Get a pizza pan and spray with blackboard paint. For a while now, Isabelle has known a star and a heart shape - neither of which she was taught, she just seemed to pick them up.

One-to-One Correspondence activity for toddlers - great counting game using plastic Easter eggs

Number Sense - Teaching One-to-One Correspondence counting activity for toddlers. A simple Easter-themed counting game using plastic Easter eggs and small parts for your toddler or preschooler.

Paper plates at the ready, craft table steady! Sweet activity for three years and up to make and create when entertaining over the holidays

A lovely Easter activity for the kids - making Easter Bunny face masks. Especially useful when the weather is cold or wet! All you need are some paper plates, a few lolly sticks, white, pink and black card and some glue. Have fun!