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Quick & Easy Halloween Decor

Quick & Easy Halloween Decor - If you're like me, you have lots of wood scraps laying around. I love using those scraps for quick projects like this one. I like the orange and black designs.

DIY: Voodoo Witch jars. Spray orange spray paint lightly inside for a base to start with. Use a waterbased matte varnish, mixed with amber aniline dye and slopped it on the edges for the drips and did some "spattering" on the sides. Imagine these hanging in the Bayou. Halloween Mardi Gras Voodoo Masquerade Party

Halloween Lanterns Oh my heck. these would be so simple to do a must on my list.The Deadwood Cemetery: Witch jars now in production for 2011

This would be cute on your porch mom @Lealeth Miller Miller Miller Miller crafts-n-things-spooky-directional-sign

DIY Tutorial: DIY Halloween / DIY Spooky Directional Sign Something like this for the house, but with signs like "The Crypt" pointing towards the bedroom and "The Laboratory" pointing towards the kitchen, etc.