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Man vs. Machine

I chose Tandy Lau's pin to represent the Convergence Media chapter. This picture shows the singularity theory. In this theory it is believed that as technology progresses robots will become as strong and intelligent as humans.

Gerd Rothmann

Gerd Rothmann, Achilles‘ Heel, molded round Fritz’ Scheur’s heel, 1978 — An unconventional dialogue with the human body Influenced by the Bauhaus philosophy of kinetics and human experience, Gerd.

AS Art portfolio development

art coursework essay This article has been written for CIE A Level Art students who are working on their Personal Study. It focuses upon how to analyse artwork and produce a well.

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The Man vs Nature Series serves to illustrate the many different ideas that we have about what place man has in nature. "Valley Hands" drawing done with watercolor, fine art marker, and pen. Illustrates the dichotomy and balance between man's need of ci…:


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To prevent our food from spoiling, our refrigerators are solely dependent on the reliability of our nation’s power grid. Sometimes unforeseen disasters will occur that can cause power outages, which in turn threaten our family’s health and safety.