Cupcake Ideas

Cute and Interesting ideas for flavours and decorations of cupcakes.
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honey? lovin the bee x

Buzzy Bee Cupcake – honey cupcakes with silken lemon curd filling. Sitting atop is a soft-baked meringue “bee hive” guarded by a chocolate honey bee.

Oreo cupcakes every time x

These cookies and cream cupcakes are made with a classic white cake mix and white buttercream frosting and topped with a piece of chocolate sandwich cookie.

espresso sounds interesting x

espresso sounds interesting x

just plain vanilla, nothing wrong with that x

Delicious Thanksgiving Cupcakes Recipes - Thanksgiving Cupcakes With Pumpkin Mousse Filling

Cherry and almond x

Apple and caramel are pretty simple ingredients, but when combined they are a delectable treat. Top off these cupcakes with toasted pecans to create a traditional fall favorite. We love to add the tiny crab apples as a garnish for extra-special occasions.

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