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[Vyrl] : It's currently a tie between JongKey battle! I will end the battle on

mIc DrOp

“ 171225 sbs gayo daejeon by mischievous sugar。 thank you! ◇ please do not edit, and take out with credit。 ”

He’s resting well,, now we know for sure

SHINee was my first Kpop group and will always be my favorite. You did well,

Professor: what you fear most will come out of this wardrobe right now and you have to turn it into something funny *Death and Thoughts of Eternity jump out* Me: hmmm should I use the white guy blinking or pennywise meme to fix this

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I was so devastated when I saw the news.It has been 2 days,Kim Jonghyun is our angel,please pray and support shawols,shinee,and Jonghyun’s family.He’s in a better place now.