Regents Park Zoo

For the zoo book to Regent's Park, by Charles Paine, 1921 - Poster Art London Underground's Greatest Designs. A major exhibition at London Transport Museum opening on 15 February 2013 in celebration of anniversary of the Underground.

Maurice A. Miles, Travel Poster, United Kingdom, 1933

‘For the Zoo’, London Underground poster, by Maurice A. Miles I'm not promoting zoos or anything!

London Underground Poster Monkey

For the zoo, by Dorothy Burroughes, 1922 - Poster and Artwork collection online from the London Transport Museum

Summer days of 1852: Hippo Obaysch is spotted taking a nap in the Zoological Gardens in Regent's Park. He was donated by Egypt in 1850 in exchange for English greyhounds and deerhounds, and he lived until 1878

Images from history: Rarely seen photographs bring 1800s London back to life

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