Raad El-Alawi

Raad El-Alawi

London, United Kingdom / Motion Director/Designer/Typical Sagittarian
Raad El-Alawi
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Love this collection of potted plants in terra cotta next to the white stucco with the sage green door. Park Interiors: August Painted Door -- love this feeling of quiet and seclusion.

sheltered yet bright

Grape vine growing on a pergola. Great summer shade for a patio and the bonus, fruit in the fall. I loved the gravel patio spaces all over Italy and France.might be making me one of these this Spring!

Lucky Luciano | SAVEUR

Fernet-Branca 1 Griottines or Luxardo cherry, for garnish Stir in a cocktail shaker filled with ice; strain into a chilled eggcup or small cocktail glass. Garnish w.