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Delicious and simple paprika pork dish, easy to make, great for home freezing

Paprika pork in a pot: 3 onions, thinly sliced pork fillets 2 tbsp paprika pint chicken or vegetable stock crème fraîche (about half a tub)

Delicious, homemade sushi with teriyaki chicken, AVOCADO, and asparagus for just $1.40 per person? Believe it! Click through for recipe.

Full cooked chicken sushi not raw fish tastes just and delicious and still is a traditional sushi roll

Crispy Deep Fried Sushi Roll

So I think tomorrow Im going to make a deep fried roll with cream cheese, avocado, extra jalapeño, spicy mayo, and crawfish. I bet if I topped it with eel and put toothpicks in it i could fry em into place.

How to make sushi rice? The easiest and no-fuss recipe to make sushi rice from scratch | rasamalaysia.com

Learn how to make sushi rice with this easy sushi rice recipe. Sushi rice can be made easily with Mizkan rice vinegar or Mizkan sushi seasoning at home.

Smoky Roasted Portobello Sushi Rolls @FoodBlogs.com #FindMeOnFoodBlogs #sushi

“Did you just run down the hall because you were afraid of the dark?” Chris asked me one evening after I had returned from the bathroom.

Deep fried sushi roll recipe | Make Sushi Spicy lobster salad, avocado, cream cheese and crabmeat rolled with soy paper and then tempura deep-fried with spicy mayo sauce.

Deep fried sushi rolls recipe - Learn how to create stunning sushi dishes with the guidance of self-taught sushi chef, Davy Devaux.