multi coloured popcorn

multi coloured popcorn - wouldn't use bags but the multi colored popcorn would be a great idea!

love it

A welcome bag with an awesome, party-friendly, "emergency kit"

customizeable pint glasses that are great quality and highly affordable -- for a wedding, or this bride put them in their welcome bag emergency kit

photo chocolate bars

Picture This

Candy Bar Wedding Favors with Photos Chocolate bars adorned with the faces of the bride and groom are sweet in more ways than one.


DIY tulip bulb wedding favour-fairly affordable comes up every year to remind guests of your wedding

film pots for favours

Photo Shoot : a vintage camera inspired wedding reception


Cute terracotta succulents for kitchen window! Inexpensive short glasses, ribbon or any fabric/paper trim, succulents you can easily reproduce and a tag if you really wanted one and voila! Perfect for a garden/desert/modern event

sandcastle flags

Making sandcastles was, and still is, a favourite activity on seaside holidays. So why not make your children's memories of making sandcastles on the beach.

tea or coffee

Coffee or tea in little burlap sacks.