Welcome to your concrete prison. Gian Paolo Valenti 1962. Brutalistic architecture.

This building is a concrete prison. Called Gian Paolo Valenti made in This is a Brutalist Architecture building I can tell by the shapes and the structure of the building.

Jean Renaudie & Renee Gailhoustet's housing building in Ivry-Sur-Seine (1969-1975)

Jean Renaudie and Renée Gailhoustet’s Housing Building in...

jean renaudie & renée gailhoustet [housing buildings at ivry sur seine, paris]. Architecture is the physical form which envelops human lives in all the complexity of their relations with their environment.

george chakhava & zurab jalaghania: ministry of highways of (the soviet republic of) georgia | 1975

George Chakhava & Zurab Jalaghania, Ministry Of Highways Of The Soviet Republic Of Georgia, Brutalist Architecture

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