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Love this cut - Cami Fashion Sneakers

hair highlights -- possibly a good way to transition to natural salt and pepper from dyed brown? Just need to add more highlights. I may find myself living in it a few years though such a nice color.

Rainbow punch..you won't believe how easy this is to make. I LOVE it.

Cute Food For Kids?: 51 Rainbow Food Ideas for St. Patrick's Day or Rainbow Theme Party I want to try about 50 of these. I'll skip the rainbow hamburger.

wooden letter on picture frame with scrapbook paper. Might be a unique, although pricey, way to display the alphabet in my classroom :-)

Brightly painted frames, cardboard letters and loud scrapbook paper. (or, wooden frames, cardboard letters and muted scrapbook paper, which is what I was actually planning to do on the nursery wall once the baby comes and I know initials!

This. just. changed. my. life.

Is this DIY bra storage genius or what? Just align some hooks and hangers to place your bras on so they all stay in place! It’s perfect and won’t ruin the cups of your bras.

Ha! That's cute. Great economic use of space to store your children. Make em sleep upright. They'll be fine! ...seriously, though, I do like the ACTUAL idea behind this haha!

Love this locker idea. Each child has a locker to out bags, jackets, backpacks, and then storage space above. They also can each store shoes underneath!

Making this DIY abstract bowl is easier than you might think! Click to see the full tutorial!

I just love this free form shape--- it looks so artistic and lovely. Craft Project Ideas: Abstract Plastic Bowl Also has more ideas for heat gun projects.

Fun Do It Yourself Craft Ideas – 32 Pics

How to paint old bricks into your favorite books! DIY outdoor craft tutorial to transform an average garden into a work of art. This is a very inventive garden craft idea!