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Back in the mid 90s in the UK we started a reenactment society recreating the French and Indian war. For the current group and their activities go to…
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Val Dave and Stewart - Usk Wales
36th at Usk


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Event at Buckler's Hard
Alan at Buckler's Hard
Buckler's Hard Smuggling event

Buckler's Hard

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Camp at the woods Bath
In the French camp

In camp

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photo Jack Sayer
Firle Place Revwar


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Early days

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Ulster with Cameron


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Provincial and colonials

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In print

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Photo David Stell


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Compagnies franches de la Marine

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By Cameron Robinson
Watch from Skirmish Magazine
Keith and the 42nd

42nd - the Watch

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French regulars

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36th foot British

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Natives and friends

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Tom Brown 1931-2024. RIP Tom
Century, Royal, Jones
Royal-artilllerie 2007
Ia Reine Kirby Hall
Ia Reine Kirby Hall
Mark Price
Basing House by Mark Price
History, American Indians
Reynolds, Mike Reynolds, Concert
1987 Mike Reynolds and friends with the King's Royal Yorkers
Stall, Hall, Marquee, Ralph, Photos
Indian, Colchester
Colchester Nick Ralph and Daisy
Indians, Rendezvous, Ulster
photo Jack Sayer Rhode Island, Regiment, Jack
Rhode Island regiment at Ulster
photo Jack Sayer
Firle Place Revwar Memories, Scenes, Couple Photos
Firle Place Revwar
Stewart as a Butler's Ranger Baseball, Hipster, Ranger
Stewart as a Butler's Ranger
Mike doing a Revwar event for the American Museum Museums, War, Punk, American, Frontier
Mike doing a Revwar event for the American Museum