He slowly peeled the strap of her camisole off her shoulder. His soft, warm lips pressed against her soft, warm skin. She didn't even bother asking for more, or begging him to go faster. She knew he'd get to everything eventually, all in his own good time. Alexa Rowan - romance author (alexarowan.com) (day 34) #microRomance #YearOfLove

That sensual kiss that says so much! My lips touch your soft skin! You are my LOVE my hopes, my dreams, my desire!

All i wanted was passionate love.

Fever, Peggy Lee, "you give me fever when you kiss me fever when you hold me tight Fever In the morning Fever all through the night"

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Love; photography; lovely couple; laughing; funny morning; happiness; bed; Black and White

Malibu Canyon Wedding by Edward Scott + Jenn Strauss

When you don't wanna get out of bed & just kiss & cuddle & laugh all day! Mixed with all day sex!