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September Gardening To-Do List --> http://www.hgtvgardens.com/care-and-maintenance/september-to-do-list?s=14&soc=pinterest

September is a good time to divide irises and daylilies, fertilize fescue lawns and start cool-season vegetable seedlings.<i>—Danny Flanders/Atlanta, Georgia</i>

Seeds to sow in August - Consolida 'White'

Buy Consolida ajacis 'White' from Sarah Raven: An elegant, white ethereal flower spike, Larkspur consolida 'White' is invaluable for picking. It's lovely on its own in a vase and even better poking out through domes of pretty annuals.

Be less frequent with your hedge trimming to provide greater shelter and food for wildlife.

Hedges provide important shelter and protection for wildlife, particularly nesting birds and hibernating insects.

Hoverflies (and ladybirds) are in abundance this month. They are good garden pest catchers, so are to be encouraged. Hoverflies do not sting even though they look similar to wasps - this is just the scary camouflage they use to deter predators. Gardeners have traditionally planted marigolds around the vegetable patch to attract hoverflies as pest control.

Bugs Your Should Love in Your Gaden - Hoverflies lay their eggs on pests like aphids, which then hatch and devour their host. They are drawn to flowering plants.