Konkani Undi/ Steamed Rice dumpling

Blame it on the winter season, but lately I have been on the lookout for ‘chatpata’ steamed food that can be made ‘zhatpat’. One some really cold days, I don’t

Sannas: Spongy steamed savoury rice cakes, popularly made in Goa and Mangalore, India. Sannas are extremely popular amongst the Konkani diaspora of Karnataka and Kerala. They are similar to Idlis, the difference being that while making sannas, the ground rice is spiked with coconut milk before steaming.

Sanna (Mangalorean Idlis/Steamed Rice Cakes

How to make Sanna - Ingredients:Raw Parboiled Rice - cup, washed, soaked overnightCoconut - 1 tblsp, gratedActive Dry Yeast - tspSugar - 1 tblspSalt as per

Sizzling Tastebuds: Hagalakayi Upkari | Bittergourd dry curry | Konkani Cuisine

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Dheve Humman (Konkani bitter gourd & root vegetable coconut curry)

Dheve Humman A very popular in Konkani cuisine of Cochin GSB ’s.


Buttermilk Gravy/Soup (Taka Kadi) with buttermilk chillies

If you are a regular to any old traditional bakery, you would definitely be familiar with this. My mom was visiting me today and i know this is one of her favorites. Crunchy, sweet, salty and full of flavour, a bite of it takes you back in time . A cup of my special ginger tea, these biscuits, mom a

Omum Biscuit/ Ajwain Savoury sticks

Crunchy carrom seed/ ajwain sticks, popularly known as omum biscuits in traditional bakeries, make a perfect tea time snack.

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