Take That. Their story is amazing, especially their unexpected comeback in the mid Noughties. Gary Barlow is my idol!

Gary Barlow: Take That come first – it’s my job

Take That: Howard Donald, Jason Orange, Robbie Williams, Gary Barlow and Mark Owen

Take That - Never forget

Take That - Remembering those days when I was in school and drooling over my fav boy band. This group used to make my heart melts I still am in school and get that

Take+That.png (500×359)

Take That - Back For Good. One of the most successful boy bands from the UK, it took 8 singles to final get a number 1 hit, but they went on to reach the summit 11 times, including this single. They've featured on 11 NOW compilations to date.

Take That - Greatest Day (Official Video)

Take That - Greatest Day I so love this song & vid. A reminder to ignite the sparks of golden fire within us all.

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