I love the floating shelves and the picture frames look so classy! This is an awesome way to use the shelves and display your favorite photos!
5 Ways to Decorate with Vintage Tools CLIP BOARDS IN STAIRWELL  Use vintage door on barndoor hardware to slide over and close off the stairway..get for privacy..or cutting the heat bill in the winter to close off unused parts of the house!  LOVE the clipboards as "frames" - would be cute for classroom
Gallery wall on stairwell - like the variation in frame colors, a slight eclectic feel but still tied together
Though this type of stairstep arrangement is more difficult measure and hang, it has a huge impact on a stairwell area.
Photo Gallery Wall from Annika von Holdt {shelves from Ikea painted flat white}
stylish way to hang photo frames on the wall
photos galore

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gallery wall up stairs 20 Stairway Gallery Wall Ideas
mooie manier om foto's op te hangen
Life's Silverlining and I; En livsstilsblogg,  inspiration om mode, skönhet, inredning, hälsa , resor och annat som förgyller tillvaron.
Frames and art up the stairs-love this idea, family's name initial, all neutral frames w/ neutral backdrops, with black and white or sepia pictures and diplomas. :) so going to do when I get stairs
Style by POSH
stairway photo walls | Through the Front Door Love the wall colour
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