Robyn Rawlings

Robyn Rawlings

Packaging Designer
Robyn Rawlings
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Avengers, Assemble: Avengers Infographic

Infographics + comic book heroes = Geek cubed (you had to see the movie to get this pun.

POWER FULL: BLUEBERRIES. Helps infection, fights free radicals, it's #1 in the world of antioxidants, anti-depressant, high in fiber, cures heart disease, slows the aging process, reduces the risk of alzheimers, brain cell restorer, anti-cancer, ocular health and has lots of vitamins!

This infographic is successful because its design is sleek and uniform with a strategic image in the background. I like how the "power full" coupled with the blueberries let you know the purpose of the infographic in a matter of seconds.

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