Hayley Rawlings-Browne

Hayley Rawlings-Browne

Hayley Rawlings-Browne
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Carolina Wren Trompe-l'oeil Bird Oil Painting by Camille Engel ..

Title: Hey, Wait For Me!, a Carolina Wren Bird Painting by Camille Engel - Backyard Bird Oil Paintings by Camille Engel - Gallery - Whatbird.

A typical trompe l'oeil mural scene

a traditional trompe l'oeil mural replicating an opening in an old barn, with ivy , nesting swallows and cracked plaster work. This looks amazingly realistic, especially since it incorporates the (molding?) on the wall - - pb†å


Walls are huge canvases craving attention. You can either cover them in your average everyday wallpaper or wall paint, or you can go a few steps further and dress them up nice and proper.