i guess this came from tumblr, i wish it clicked through. i wanted to see what the deal was with the lil note pad. i would give this gift, as is, but be sure to write the recipe to all goodies in the basket. cute.

Sweet bread, homemade jam and simple, rustic packaging as Christmas or house warming gift

Home-Made and beautifully bespoke biscuit hamper!! A fab idea for occasions + Wedding Fancies!!! SOOoo Darn Adorable OUI??

DIY christmas cookie basket own note: buy assorted Mexican cookies and create box of cookies or put in small boxes in a basket with coffee or tea

Crafty Christmas Hamper Ideas #christmas #hamper #stamping

15 Crafty Christmas Hamper Ideas

Hampers are great for people who want to put lots of time & love into their gifts, here's 15 crafty christmas hamper ideas to get you going on your gifting!

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